Selling and Buying at Anastasia

Selling and buying clothes at Anastasia is simple, but there are a few policies and things to keep in mind.

Selling to Us

We buy mens and women's vintage and contemporary clothing for all seasons here at the store. Additionally, we'll buy your accessories jewelry, and shoes that are in excellent condition. 

We generally offer up to 30% of our sale price in cash, and 50% of our sale price in trades at the store for quality used and vintage clothing. Occasionally, we'll offer a bulk price for certain items we would normally reject.* 

There's no appointment necessary to sell to us; we will buy from you any time that we're open!

Buying and Returns

The only thing to keep in mind when buying at Anastasia is our Return Policy. There no cash refunds at Anastasia for defective products. We instead offer in-store credit for your next trip to the store. 

When coming in for a return, the following conditions have to be met:

  • Must be returned within 7 days of original purchase
  • Must have the receipt from the original purchase
  • Must be returned in the same condition in which it was sold
  • Price tag must still be attached

*Decisions regarding bulk buys are made in the store only as we will not be able to determine the quality of the clothes in question without seeing them.